The First Creation Story II-the sum of it.

From the previous post I think we established that what we have in the first creation story is a Poem of 7 verses, corresponding to the 7 days of the week, giving an orderly account of the material world, ‘finite’since God rested on the 7th Day from all the Work He had been doing, God enterered into the Universe.(See Rashi below). If you are an Israelite reader then“Genesis 1 isn’t just telling you about what type of world you’re living in; it’s showing you,that your life of worship rhythms are woven into the fabric of the universe.(Significance of the 7)

What’s in a 7?

  • completion or perfection. ( Rashi And God completed on the seventh day: Rabbi Shimon said: [A human being of] flesh and blood, who cannot [exactly] know his times and his moments, must add from the profane to the holy [i.e., he must add some time to the Sabbath.] The Holy One, blessed be He, Who knows His times and His moments [exactly], entered it [the Sabbath] within a hairbreadth, and it therefore appeared as if He completed it [His work] on that day. Another explanation: What was the world lacking? Rest. The Sabbath came, and so came rest. The work was completed and finished.(Genesis 2:2 — [from Gen. Rabbah 10:9])

Genesis Rabbah – just a little about it, it is a printed version of the Midrash( Full text here .pdf) – or Oral commentaries associated with the exegesis of Genesis.

Genesis Rabbah

Rabbah means great) (Heb. בְּרֵאשִׁית רַבָּה), aggadic Midrash on the Book of Genesis, the product of Palestinian amoraim.Amoraim ( its earlier title “Bereshit de-Rabbi Oshaya Rabbah (Genesis of R. Oshaya Rabbah) so named after its opening sentence.”Was later abbreviated to Genesis Rabbah after its opening sentence.

Since this is a complex subject I shall leave it be for now, to make it very simple, it corresponds to the Christian Biblical Commentaries, of the various theological traditions within Christianity.

  • Any more 7s?

In Closing:

[Including}]the 30 mathematical multiples of 7 as found in the Hebrew words of Genesis 1. The number “seven” permeates the totality of Scripture because the number speaks of God’s divine perfection and perfect order. The actual number 7 appears 287 times in the Old Testament

The Astonishing Pattern of SEVENS in Genesis 1 (

There are many more, some pertaining to grammar or poetic form and others to superstition, 7 is simply another of the Sacred numbers within the scriptures, both Hebrew and Greek Testaments.

Feel free to share the entire article-with source and Introduction, just in case it moves.

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